5 Benefits of Taking a Holiday

5 Benefits of Taking a Holiday

07 November 2018

Holidays are great! You sit back and relax as we take you to wonderful places in the UK and Europe, enjoy delicious food at your comfortable hotel and go on interesting excursions. Your luggage is even taken care of for you!

Whilst you may not realise it, a holiday has some great benefits for your well-being. We thought we'd share them with you so you can get a nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing how good a holiday is for you.

1. Stress Release

You're setting off to somewhere you've always wanted to go, you're leaving the worries of day-to-day life behind you, knowing you will be well looked after and that your trip is planned out for you. 

There isn't anything to stress about as you are well taken care of by experienced Tour Managers and drivers, your evening meals are all part of the package and you're picked-up and dropped-off at a joining point convenient for you. Life is good! 

The easiness of it all means you spend your whole holiday enjoying yourself, exploring new destinations, eating good food and meeting new people. Life's stresses simply fade away.

Holidays alleviate the stresses of daily life

2. Lots of Rest

At home you may have found you'd been struggling to sleep, things can play on your mind and they always seem to jump out of your brain just as you're trying to drift off. 

When you're on holiday, this isn't the case. By just being on holiday, you are resting your body and mind, you can catch up on sleep and will feel fresher for it. 

Sleep rejuvenates the body - a holiday allows for more rest & sleep

3. Exercise

With a new place to explore and the time to do it, you'll find on holiday you'll do a lot more walking, which has obvious health benefits.

As well as releasing endorphins, which make you happier, and raising your heart rate to flush out toxins, you'll also get to see all the lovely shops, museums, local landmarks and wonderful scenery. All this walking will also help you sleep better!

If you enjoy blowing out the cobwebs with long, brisk walks, then you should take a look at a rambling holiday

Walking has great health benefits

4. Sea Air

It's not just the sea air and sound that aids in relaxation and sleep, the sea water is also great for your skin. The salt water can help draw out impurities in the body, whilst the the sound of the waves rhythmically crashing against the shore rejuvenates the mind.

Maybe his is why we always feel tired, but content after a trip to the seaside. 

Sea air and the sounds of the sea crashing into the shore can help your body's natural rhythm

5. New Friends & Laughter

When holidaying you are off on fun-filled adventures with like-minded people, so you inevitably make a few friends along the way. Sharing life's tales, lots of laughs and creating new memories is all fantastic for your health. 

Happy holiday memories and laughter both release lots of endorphins, which help reduce the risk of some ailments such as heart disease, arthritis and allergic reactions, according to recent research by Utah University.

If you're holidaying on your own, it's a great excuse to put yourself out there and make new friends. As nerve-wracking as it can be, making new friends has some great benefits, helping to battle depression and alleviate stress.

Making friends and laughing relieves stress

Your holidays should have you return home feeling more energetic, rejuvenated and with lovely memories to cherish for the rest of your life. You may even have a new friend or two to holiday with again!

We'd love to hear how you think a holiday helps you. Contact us using the comments section below, or by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter (@GrandUKHolidays).


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