10 things you never knew about Blackpool!

15 June 2017

For decades the famous Blackpool Illuminations have been drawing crowds of people from all over the world, eager to see the greatest free show on Earth during this two month spectacle. It’s one of our most popular holiday destinations, and we’re not surprised, but here are a few little known facts about our beloved Blackpool:


1. In 1879 thousands of people descended upon Blackpool to witness the switching on of 8 large electric lights to illuminate the promenade, which is where it all started!
2. Now, the illuminations run for 6 miles along the promenade and are made up of more than a million bulbs.
3. Every year since 1934 the Blackpool Illuminations have been switched on by a celebrity, including Red Rum (yes, the horse!) back in 1977.
4. The lights may only be lit for two months of the year (September – November) but are actually present throughout most of the year as it takes 22 weeks to install the display and 14 weeks to take them down.
5. In 2007 a laser was installed in the famous Blackpool Tower, which could be seen from 30 miles away.

6. Blackpool is still the most popular seaside resort in the UK.
7. The Blackpool Tower was modelled on the Eiffel Tower, Paris.
8. The Tower was painted silver in 1977 to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee, and gold in 1997 to celebrate its 100th birthday – no mean feat given it takes 7 years to paint!
9. It takes just 69 seconds to get to the top of the 315 foot tower in the lifts.
10. Blackpool is home to the world’s very first electric steam railway, built in 1885 and still in use today.

We love Blackpool at any time of year, but have to admit that the whole place comes alive during the Illuminations – a must see for anybody, steeped in both nostalgic history and modern day technology. Call our friendly Holiday Advisors today and book yourself a holiday that will literally light up your life: 01603 61 99 33


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