Why You Must See The Gilbert & Sullivan Festival

Why You Must See The Gilbert & Sullivan Festival

27 July 2017

The International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival is into its 24th year and 2017 promises to be a great year for the hilarious musical show. The annual event celebrates one of the country’s most successful musical partnerships – Sir Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert.

It’s Full of Talent

Forty full-scale Gilbert and Sullivan productions are staged at the beautiful Harrogate Royal Hall. Next door there’s a specially built “Harrogate Savoy” Theatre for Youth, which showcases the tremendous talent from leading Universities.

The annual show has received outstanding press reviews and has featured stars such as Richard Suart, Simon Butteris, Charlotte Page and Richard Guantlett. The directors and conductors of the show are also of note with Alan Spencer, John Reed OBE, Anthony Besch and David Steadman being involved in the shows over the years.

Fun fact – As a child W.S. Gilbert wanted to earn a living writing poetry, illustrated stories and news articles – he definitely achieved his childhood dreams!

There’s Lots of Laughs If you enjoy spoofs, comical songs and witty one liners, then any of these forty musical productions are for you, guaranteed to have you chuckling in your seat. The plays poke fun at politics, operatic conventions and keep you guessing with plot twists and turns. It’s a show that’s taken very seriously by all involved, but a show that is prepared to make fun of itself.

Fun fact – Arthur Sullivan’s father was a military band master.

Enjoy Well-Orchestrated Music

As we’ve already mentioned, the show has had some incredible conductors. The music is crisp and well-rehearsed, matching the performance on stage brilliantly. It sets the mood, builds emotion and anticipation and is as playful as the onstage shenanigans.

Fun fact – W.S. Gilbert was kidnapped as a child by Brigands in Naples and ransomed back!

Fancy joining us at the show? We have Gilbert & Sullivan holidays which include your hotel, breakfast and dinner, travel and tickets to the show from £349. This also includes excursions during the 5 day holiday!



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