Oberammergau Passion Play – A Once in a Decade Experience

11 August 2017

The incredible Oberammergau Passion Play, which is only performed every 10 years, will take place in 2020 for the 42nd time. An oath was sworn in 1633, in the middle of the Thirty Years War by Oberammergauers, who after months of suffering and death from the plague, decided they would perform “The Play of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

It was the following year that The Oberammergau Passion Play was born, where the community performed the play on a stage built above the graves of plague victims. Since then, every 10 years, the small German community have come together to preserve this tradition, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.

This show is not only unique in the manner it was created or the amount of time it’s been performed for, but the actors in the show all have to be from the village. From the actors portraying Jesus, Mary or Judas to the choir, orchestra, firemen and ushers, the 2,000 people involved must have been born in Oberammergau or lived there for 20 years.

If you’d like to see one of the 102 planned performances in 2020, you can with Grand UK Holidays, which includes your travel, hotel and tickets to the performance. It’s also on a half board basis! During your 8 day holiday, you’ll stay in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol for 4 nights with excursions to Salzburg and Zell-am-See.

To give you the full Oberammergau experience, you’ll spend a full day and night in the village on the Alps, allowing you time to fully immerse yourself into life as a local during this exciting time.

A £100, fully refundable deposit, is all that is required to secure your place – but places are strictly limited so please be sure to book early! Call today on 01603 61 99 33 to book your tickets.

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