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7 Nights Ocean Cruise + FREE HOME PICK-UPS

Norway’s spectacular fjordland highlights
This week long cruise is the perfect introduction to Norway’s majestic fjordland where the magnificent scenery is simply breathtaking. Whether you are admiring a cascading waterfall from the famous Flåm Railway, driving through beautiful valleys on impossibly steep mountain roads, or simply standing at the rail of Marco Polo and cruising past idyllic fjord villages, you’ll be delighted by what unfolds before your eyes.

6 Night Ocean Cruise + FREE HOME PICK-UPS

A relaxing Autumn cruise to delight you
This leisurely cruise is a treat for everyone but especially for garden lovers. Explore Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most attractive capitals with its famous canals and bridges and floating flower market. Discover Bruges, quaint and a true Belgian gem and enjoy the scenic delights of our very own Channel Islands. From charming Honfleur with its pretty old harbour, perhaps choose to visit Monet’s House and Garden at Giverny.

12 Night Ocean Cruise + FREE HOME PICK-UPS

Explore the history & heritage of the Baltic
Rich in history, art & culture, the Baltic Sea is one of the most fascinating cruising destinations. Medieval cities contrast with cosmopolitan capitals and architectural influences reflect both east and west. A highlight of this cruise is an overnight stay in St. Petersburg with two full days to explore ornate churches & cathedrals, the Hermitage Museum with its world-renowned art collection and opulent palaces once home to Russian Tsars.

9 Nights Cruise Holiday + FREE HOME PICK-UPS

Unlock the history and heritage of our islands
Discover some of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes, some of her more remote islands and their communities, Ireland’s iconic capital and a charming corner of France. You might choose to explore ancient sites, visit world-renowned gardens, or simply soak up the atmosphere where you step ashore in peaceful villages, bustling cities, and delightfully quaint, old towns.

6 Nights Ocean Cruise + FREE HOME PICK-UPS

Cruise along rivers & explore picturesque cities
Sail to delightful Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, with its canals, bridges and famous museums before navigating the River Scheldt calling at the elegant city of Antwerp, home to the painter Rubens, with its impressive cathedral, medieval buildings and delightful boutiques. Cruise the beautiful River Seine for an overnight stay in historic Rouen, the ‘city of a hundred spires’, and finally to charming Honfleur to capture the spirit of Normandy.

14 Night Ocean Cruise + Home Pick-ups

Voyage in search of the Aurora Borealis
An atmospheric display of green and pink light dancing across the inky dark sky, the spectacular Aurora Borealis is one of nature’s most extraordinary wonders. This voyage follows Norway’s deeply fissured coastline calling in idyllic fjord villages and charming coastal towns. You’ll venture high into the Arctic Circle in your search for the Northern Lights and, if atmospheric conditions are right, you have the chance to witness this simply amazing phenomenon. (subject to weather conditions)

8 Nights Ocean Cruise

Capture the breathtaking beauty of Norway’s fjords
A delightful mix of some of Norway’s prettiest towns and villages set against a backdrop of spectacular scenery, this cruise brings you the best of fjordland in all its natural splendour. Marco Polo takes you deep into the heart of the Norwegian fjords and every day promises a host of new and exciting landscapes from towering peaks and beautiful valleys to tumbling waterfalls and awe-inspiring glaciers.

8 Nights Ocean Cruise + FREE HOME PICK-UPS

Discover five Nordic Cities
A marvellous opportunity to sample the hospitality of five diverse cities in one unique itinerary that also includes a transit of the famous Kiel Canal. Whether you choose to wander through historic city streets, visit world renowned museums, take a leisurely sightseeing tour, or indulge in a little retail therapy, this cruise promises something special every time you step ashore and is one you’ll remember.

7 Night Ocean Cruise + FREE HOME PICK-UPS

Discover the magical fjords in spring
Cruising Norway’s breathtakingly beautiful Fjordland is a truly wonderful experience and one that is all the more special in this loveliest of seasons. You’ll enjoy a kaleidoscope of simply incredible images from gentle slopes, towering peaks capped in dazzling snow, remote mountain farms clinging to impossibly steep hillsides and dramatic waterfalls. Explore idyllic fjord villages and visit historic Bergen on what promises to be a magical voyage.

5 Nights Ocean Cruising

European getaway and a burst of springtime colour
Discover some of the continent’s hidden gems on this exciting six night cruise showcasing some spectacular destinations and beautiful gardens in springtime. Visit cosmopolitan Amsterdam with an optional tour to the famous Keukenhof Gardens and a chance to visit Monet’s House and Garden from pretty Honfleur. Discover the scenic Channel Islands and the beautiful city of Bruges, ‘Venice of the North’ with its rich history in art and culture.

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